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Character Informations
Name:No Stress Here pl
Profession:Vehemence Xicor
Guild Membership:Leader of the Team With Style
Player Talents
Player Stats
Health: 773380/773380
Level Ki Level Agility Ki Defense Strength Dexterity Blasting Defense Energy
2039 111 167 66 1 98 1 48 1
Reborn Quest
mission: find 7 dragon balls
reward: Reborn
Power Quest
mission: make Power Quest
reward: transform 200 after Reborn
Fury Quest
mission: make Fury Quest
reward: transform 250 after Reborn
Legendary Quest
mission: make Legendary Quest
reward: transform 300 after Reborn
Vehemence Quest
mission: make Vehemence Quest
reward: transform 350 after Reborn
Powerful Quest
mission: make Powerful Quest
reward: transform 400 after Reborn
Super Quest
mission: make Super Quest
reward: transform 600 after Reborn
Death Flash Quest
mission: make Death Flash Quest
reward: learn Death Flash
Sense Quest
mission: make Sense Quest
reward: learn Sense
Chou Maretsugeki Quest
mission: make Chou Maretsugeki Quest
reward: learn Chou Maretsugeki
Double Flash Quest
mission: make Double Flash Quest
reward: learn Double Flash
Mystic Flash Attack Quest
mission: make Mystic Flash Attack Quest
reward: learn Mystic Flash Attack
Underworld Quest
mission: make Underworld Quest
reward: items + powerful backpack
Senzu Maniac
mission: use 500x senzu beans
reward: 3 talent points
mission: make Demon Oak Quest
reward: 2 talent points + item
The Inquisition Member
mission: make The Inquisition Quest
reward: 2 talent points + 3 items
The Throne Master
mission: make Pits of Inferno Quest
reward: 2 talent points + items
mission: order 5 items from our shop
reward: 3 talent points
mission: obtain 20 fishes
reward: 2 talent points
Experienced Player
mission: advance to 350 level
reward: 2 talent points
The Master of Death
mission: die 25 times
reward: 1 talent point
World Defender
mission: participate in Defend the World Event
reward: 2 talent points
Head Hunter
mission: kill wanted person 10 times
reward: 2 talent points
Task Master
mission: complete 50 tasks
reward: 1 talent point
mission: travel 250 times
reward: 1 talent point
The Master of Arena
mission: complete all arena levels
reward: 2 talent points
Rider Master
mission: complete rider quest
reward: ability to ride a mount + 2 talent points
Last Man Standing
mission: win a Last Man Standing Event
reward: 2 talent points
Comitted Player
mission: complete 15 daily tasks
reward: 2 talent points
PvP Event Master
mission: participate in PvP Event 10 times
reward: 2 talent points
Killing Spree
mission: kill 50 players
reward: 2 talent points
Player Deaths
12 May 2019, 13:43Killed at level 2049 by Brat Veka , Vekwdresiesenzuniesie , Silesia and Stefan Malutki
12 May 2019, 13:39Killed at level 2066 by Vekwdresiesenzuniesie and Brat Veka
12 May 2019, 13:34Killed at level 2082 by Brat Veka and Vekwdresiesenzuniesie
12 May 2019, 13:32Killed at level 2103 by Brat Veka and Vekwdresiesenzuniesie
12 May 2019, 13:31Killed at level 2125 by Brat Veka , Vekwdresiesenzuniesie and Relaks
Player Kills
12 May 2019, 13:41 She fragged Vekwdresiesenzuniesie at level 2519. (Justified)
12 May 2019, 13:37 She fragged Vekwdresiesenzuniesie at level 2528. (Justified)
12 May 2019, 13:35 She fragged Vekwdresiesenzuniesie at level 2537. (Justified)
12 May 2019, 13:23 She fragged Vekwdresiesenzuniesie at level 2545. (Justified)
12 May 2019, 13:21 She fragged Brat Veka at level 2570. (Justified)
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